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Guangzhou Wenhao Instrument & Meter Co., Ltd. is specialized in the design, production and sales of various flow meters, transmitters, sensors, various measuring and controlling instruments, thermal instruments, field controllers, computer control systems, data acquisition systems, various types. Environmental monitoring system, special control system application software system development and application, and at the same time agent of various foreign well-known industrial control products.
Products in the telecommunications, power, petrochemical, environmental protection, paper, metallurgy, food, medical, defense, education and other fields have broad application prospects.
The company's products include: electromagnetic / vortex / turbine / mass / rotor flowmeter, paper / paperless recorder, PID regulator and other secondary instruments; module series: temperature transmission module, data acquisition module, signal Isolation module, etc.
Temperature series: PT100 thermal resistance, thermocouple, integrated with on-site display temperature, hygienic temperature, etc.
Pressure / liquid weep series: pressure transmitter, liquid level transmitter, explosion-proof transmitter, imported transmitter, high temperature pressure transmitter, compact pressure transmitter, industrial pressure / level transmitter , and various pressure gauges, etc.
Acting brands are: Japan Yokogawa YOKOGAWA, Germany JESSBERGER, Switzerland DIGMESA, Leica Leica, Japan Topcon and so on.
The company takes "technology as the guide, talent as the core, management as the foundation, quality as the first" business purpose, has a group of hard-working technical teams, has a strong technical development strength, especially in the non-standard process measurement and control system The company can provide the best design for the control of all industries and systems.
“Customer's demand is our constant pursuit”. In the field of non-standard control, we continuously introduce advanced foreign technology and continuously recruit social high-tech talents to meet the efficiency and stability of our customers' evolving products and equipment. The requirements, we sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants to cooperate with us to create brilliant!
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  • IRTA系列经济型红外测温仪 2017-09-23IRTA series economic infrared thermometer
  • TR30-W温度变送器wik 2017-05-10TR30-W Temperature Transmitter wik
  • 937-1510/F01广东 2017-03-21937-1510/F01 Guangdong
  • WZP-231热电阻PT10 2017-01-24WZP-231 thermal resistance PT10
  • 广州WZP-231温度传感器 2017-01-21Guangzhou WZP-231 temperature sensor
  • 红外线温度传感器和温度传感器 2016-02-29Infrared temperature sensor and temperature sensor
  • MF5619气体流量计,MF 2016-02-26MF5619 gas flow meter, MF
  • 温度传感器在电力行业的重要作 2015-03-24The important role of temperature sensor in the power industry
  • 红外测温仪的工作原理是什么 2015-03-12What is the working principle of infrared thermometer?
  • 光纤红外测温仪有什么优点? 2015-01-08What are the advantages of fiber optic infrared thermometer?
  • 在线红外测温仪的发展与应用 2014-08-10Development and application of online infrared thermometer
  • 我司注重热电阻技术的创新与应 2014-05-11Our company pays attention to the innovation and response of thermal resistance technology
  • 横河测试测量数字功率计WT3 2014-04-04Yanghe test measurement digital power meter WT3
  • 智能传感器将成为工业自动化重 2014-02-14Intelligent sensors will become the focus of industrial automation
  • 高精度压力校准器的特点与应用 2014-01-06Characteristics and application of high precision pressure calibrator
  • 我国仪器仪表未来的六个发展方 2013-10-20The six development parties of China's instrumentation in the future
  • 如何提高国产科学仪器市场应用 2013-10-18How to improve the application of domestic scientific instrument market
  • 仪器仪表未来发展必须经历的三 2013-10-16 ,The future development of instrumentation must be experienced three
  • 我国在测量技术与精密仪器的发 2013-10-15China's measurement technology and the development of precision instruments
  • 实验室仪器行业应用市场不断在 2013-10-13 ,The laboratory instrument industry application market is constantly
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    MF5712-N-200-B-AMF5712 gas flow meter MF5712 digital gas flow meter
    MTX50A infrared temperature measurement
    MTX50A infrared thermometer has good stability, high precision and fast response; it is very suitable for narrow position measurement of power distribution cabinets.
    Japan Yokogawa Recording Paper B956
    [product name]: B9565AW recording paper Japan Yokogawa YOKOGAWA original recording paper special offer
    CA700 Pressure Calibrator
    Japan Yokogawa CA700 Pressure Calibrator Model: CA700-E-01
    Leica GKL112 Charger / Leica GKL211 Charger / Leica GKL112 Charger 1. Rechargeable
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  • B9565AW记录纸,横河SR10006记录仪打印 2017-04-09B9565AW recording paper, Yokogawa SR10006 recorder printing
  • 好的管理让市场没有淡季 2016-02-25Good management makes the market have no off-season
  • LUGB-DN50新涡街流量计正式上市 2015-09-24LUGB-DN50 new vortex flowmeter officially listed
  • 红外温度传感器应用于变电站监控平台 2015-04-02Infrared temperature sensor applied to substation monitoring platform
  • 我司红外测温仪技术革新走向高端应用 2015-03-12 ,The infrared thermometer technology innovation of our company is going to high-end application
  • 纹徕仪表2014年的销售峰会与工作总结 2014-12-03The sales summit and work summary of the 徕 徕 instrument in 2014
  • 我司红外测温仪的应用与技术更新 2014-09-04Application and technical update of our infrared thermometer
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  • ConTronix仪表开孔尺寸 2019-07-04ConTronix meter opening size
  • IRTP300L红外线温度仪IRTP300L红外线 2018-10-14IRTP300L infrared temperature meter IRTP300L infrared
  • XSN/A-HL1T1K3B2V0N控制表操作说明 2018-10-13XSN/A-HL1T1K3B2V0N control table operation instructions
  • 投入式液位传感器_投入式水位变送器 2018-08-27Input type liquid level sensor_input type water level transmitter
  • A-10压力变送器WIKA德国威卡 2018-07-04A-10 pressure transmitter WIKA Germany Wika
  • IRTP300L红外线传感器 2018-06-28IRTP300L infrared sensor
  • LUGB-2412-P4智能涡街流量计 2018-05-22LUGB-2412-P4 intelligent vortex flowmeter
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